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Performance Assessment Resource Bank

High-quality, expert-reviewed performance tasks and the resources teachers, leaders, and policymakers need to support the use of performance assessment for meaningful learning.

Why Performance Assessment?

Unlike multiple-choice “bubble” tests, performance assessments require students to construct an original response rather than simply recognize a correct answer. The Performance Assessment Resource Bank includes high-quality tasks that engage students in multiple-step and extended performances, such as researching and developing mathematical models to write an article on the rising cost of college tuition. As tasks become more complex and require greater student direction they assess more complex and integrated aspects of learning and require the planning, problem-solving, and persistence that are necessary for success in the real world. This means that the use of performance assessment can both measure and encourage the development of many of the 21st century skills—critical thinking, inquiry, communication, collaboration—that are essential for success in college, career, and life.


What the Resource Bank Offers

The Performance Assessment Resource Bank provides tools that support the use of performance assessment as part of a system of assessment for meaningful learning. These resources include high-quality and expert-reviewed performance tasks that are aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and Critical Abilities. In addition, the resource bank includes resources and tools designed by assessment experts and experienced educators to support the use, development, review, and scoring of performance tasks. Users can learn how to integrate performance tasks within curriculum and instruction, about using learning progressions and trajectories as part of assessment, about portfolios of learning that include performance assessment, and explore policies that support a comprehensive system of assessment that incorporates performance tasks.


Performance Tasks to Download

K-12 math, ELA, science, and history/social studies tasks ready for classroom use

Expert Review

Content and assessment experts review each resource to ensure quality and usability

Resources for Teachers, Leaders & Policymakers

Materials to support the use of performance tasks in classrooms, schools, and systems

How it works

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  • Get support from experts in performance assessment by reaching out to SCALE, SCOPE, or one of our many partners.

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The Performance Assessment Resource Bank has been an empowering solution for my classroom for two years now. The tasks are interesting and engaging for students, and fit seamlessly into my curriculum. I love hearing students talk about how the tasks helped them become more critical thinkers through the reading and writing process and I find myself planning my own tasks now using the larger scope I've experienced in the performance assessments. This Performance Assessment Resource Bank is an important place where teachers have access to quality resources that can help us as we endeavor to produce competitive, 21st century students.

Carisa Barnes,
high school English teacher, California

The Performance Assessment Resource Bank puts developed resources into the hands of people who are more than ready to use them.  They've created a peer-reviewed archive, based in solid research and connected to 21st century standards, that lets districts, schools and teachers do what we need to do:  Let kids use what they've learned to show us what they can do.

Jonathan Doughty,
High School Science Teacher, Maine

The Performance Assessment Resource Bank is very comprehensive and will provide outstanding support to educators in the development of high quality performance assessments.  It is “one-stop shopping.”  Teachers will have access to high quality assessments and rubrics that have been piloted and vetted.  The professional development materials and resources that are available will assists Virginia’s teachers and schools as we continue our work with the development and implementation of performance assessments.  One of the greatest resources available through the Performance Assessment Resource Bank is the opportunity for teachers to submit their locally developed performance assessments and have them vetted by the staff at SCALE.  Having a professional staff to provide feedback and validate the quality of our work will be huge to Virginia as we move forward in our efforts to replace our multiple choice state assessments with valid and rigorous performance tasks.

Dr. John W. “Billy” Haun,
Chief Academic Officer for the state of Virginia