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Performance Assessment & 21st Century Learning
Envision Schools, Stanford University School Redesign Network
Ruth Chung Wei
Bob Lenz
Ethan Wolfe Ris
Raymond L. Pecheone
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Envision Schools uses performance assessment as a key tool for supporting student learning. In this graduate follow-up study, Envision Schools puts its model of “Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, and Results” to the test, examining the results of a longitudinal tracking study to measure the...

Complex Project
Envision Schools
Brandon Barrette
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Algebra 1
9, 10
High (9-12)

In this task, students assume the role of a student preparing an application to the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program. In the application, they are asked to answer the following scenario in a 2-3 page paper: "A terrorist organization has taken control of the Bay Area power grid. They are...