word choice

Curriculum Embedded Task
Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)
Danny Hollweg
Shawn M. Pitts
Lee Freeman
Micele A. Sturm
Sarah Whitney
Kelly Whitney
Colleen H. Burns
Tara Henderson
Bethany Bieth
Alison G. Raymer
Sherri McPherson
Eddie Mullins
Jennifer McDermid
Sally B. Capistrant
Richie J. Kowalewski
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English / Language Arts
High (9-12)

This explanatory LDC module is embedded within a larger unit; both the larger unit and module are documented here. The LDC module, on its own, starts at the "Task and Rubric Analysis: Part 4 of the Unit: Breaking Down the Prompt." Teachers may choose to teach the entire unit or teach the LDC...