Curriculum Embedded Task
Colorado Department of Education; Colorado Content Collaborative in Math
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Middle (6-8)

This unit, Go Figure!, focuses on the geometric concepts of perimeter, area, surface area and volume.  Students begin by working on the coordinate plane to find the perimeter and area of rectangles.  The formula for the area of a rectangle is then built upon to create a formula for the area of...

Equity Issues
Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE)
Linda Darling-Hammond
Channa Cook
Ann Jaquith
Madlene Hamilton
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In this report, Linda Darling-Hammond outlines an integrated approach for a teaching-career continuum and a professional development system that supports effectiveness for teachers at every stage of their careers. The report includes specific guidance about how performance assessments based on...

Performance Assessment & 21st Century Learning
Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE)
Linda Darling-Hammond
Joan Herman
James Pellegrino
Jamal Abedi
J. Lawrence Aber
Eva Baker
Randy Bennett
Edmund Gordon
Edward Haertel
Kenji Hakuta
Andrew Ho
Robert Lee Linn
P. David Pearson
James Popham
Lauren Resnick
Alan H. Schoenfeld
Richard Shavelson
Lorrie A. Shepard
Lee Shulman
Claude M. Steele
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In this paper, Linda Darling-Hammond and other leading scholars in assessment describe a set of criteria for high-quality student assessments. These criteria can be used by assessment developers, policymakers, and educators.

The five criteria include: 

1. Assessment of Higher-Order...