Curriculum Embedded Task
Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)
Melissa L. Workman
Linda L. Crocker
Jill L. Guffey
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History / Social Studies
Elementary (K-5)

In this module, students will investigate the period in Colorado History in which Spanish explorers began to explore the area that became the state of Colorado. Students will examine the relationships between the explorers and the native populations. Students will explain the effects of Spanish...

Curriculum Embedded Task
Colorado Department of Education; Colorado Content Collaborative in Math
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Middle (6-8)

This unit, Go Figure!, focuses on the geometric concepts of perimeter, area, surface area and volume.  Students begin by working on the coordinate plane to find the perimeter and area of rectangles.  The formula for the area of a rectangle is then built upon to create a formula for the area of...

Uncovering Context

Curriculum Embedded Task
Colorado Department of Education
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English / Language Arts
High (9-12)

Students will create a multi-genre text that expresses their perspective on a theme of inequity they have studied through the unit. Teachers may help guide student choice in the multi-genre pieces that come together to form the whole. Students will have their choice of the various genres: poetry...