Great Britain

Stand Alone Task
Summit Public Schools
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History / Social Studies
U.S. History
High (9-12)

Students write an essay based on the information they have learned about the American Revolution and the period leading up to it.

Students choose to respond to one of the following prompts.​

  1. “Despite the view of some historians that the conflict between Great Britain and its
  2. ...
Curriculum Embedded Task
Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)
Susan Weston
Gary McCormick
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History / Social Studies
U.S. History
7, 8, 9, 10
Middle (6-8)
High (9-12)

Students reconstruct the colonial argument for dissolving ties to Great Britain. Main steps of the learning process include:

  • Close reading of the first two paragraphs of the Declaration, with primary attention to the claim about when revolution is justified.
  • Task engagement
  • ...